Tennis is a sport with precise technical characteristics. In order to learn or to improve a player´s tennis level with a relative success (such as being able to keep a rally or a constant evolution of the quality of each of their strokes or the ability to solve different situations that arise during a match) it is required:

• Motor skills (coordinative and conditional):
o Motor skills are determined among other factors like genetics, an early, diverse and continuous stimulation and a specific training.

• Correct technique:
o A correct technique has been very difficult to obtain for players around the world due to different issues such as the excessive, false, misleading, incomplete, outdated information provided by tennis academies, tennis books, online information, and qualified or not coaches who are not using efficient teaching techniques. The results are players who are spending time practicing numerous hours without any type of progress, and players who has developed a mediocre game with no control to dominate the ball.

What is CTS?
CTS is my comprehensive approach to improve and to teach tennis. CTS is a progressive series of exercises with which my players learn to place their body, feet, arms, racquet, etc., in a biomechanically correct posture; which will produce an optimal shot with a similar technique to that seen in a professional player.
The CTS covers all technical aspects, such as the explanation of the opening and rotation of the forearm to hit a topspin forehand; through the tactical aspects, such as the ideal position on the court after hitting a specific shot or how to build up a point. The CTS covers the necessary aspects that will determine a player´s performance as the physical and mental training.
I must say that my method is neither the only nor the best teaching method but is my own method and my players have had very good results with it.

Benefits of CTS:
• From the first session, the student has a clear understanding of the proper mechanics in the execution of a specific shot. CTS will speed up player´s learning process and the ability to correct their own mistakes.
• The tennis game will stop being a secret for those players who don´t understand why their forehand, backhand or serve work well during one practice but won´t work during another practice.
• Players will learn to be able to control the speed, direction, depth, effect and consistency of the tennis ball in all their shots on a surprisingly fast way.
• CTS is a different tennis method, fun and really effective.

Who is it for?
• CTS can help any level of players, from beginners to competition. Regardless of their age.
• Players, clubs or associations who intend to have a clear system or education.
• Frustrated players whom don´t see their tennis game is making any evolution.
• Parents who don´t have a clear path for their talented children.
• Coaches and players who are tired from inefficient tennis methods.