It’s a real pleasure for me to announce the incorporation of Luis Espí PhD to our technical team. Dr. Espí is the founding director of the ESPI (Exercise & Sports Professional Institute). PhD in Psychology and a BA in Physical Education, Dr. Espí has been working over the past 30 years as Physical Educator, Neuromechanical Performance Coach, Functional and Biomechanical Human Motion Specialist, and High Performance Sports Coach; directing successful sports athletes careers in several sports, such as squash or golf.

Dr. Espí will work with us in several new sections relating to the process of teaching of tennis, among which we highlight:


  • He will closely work with Willie Gomez in a unique interdisciplinary combination where empirical concepts and scientific concepts are interrelated, proposing a new way of teaching which will facilitate the learning process and the performance enhancement of any player.
  • He will be responsible for the biomechanical analysis of the movement motor patterns of each of our student’s strokes.
  • He will reinforce, in indoor classroom sessions and/or court sessions, through specific exercises, the education of the concepts of movement that Willie Gomez transmits to the player, which will allow the acceleration of the learning process for new gestures or fix improper techniques.
  • He will be responsible and coordinator of the R + D + I department and the different studies that ServiProtenisTM and the European Institute for the Development of Tennis are doing and will carry out on the contents of the upcoming tennis, among which are: searching for efficient movements, efficiency under competition context, design and incorporation of new teaching strategies and didactic resources applicable to the teaching-learning process of tennis.
  • He will form part of the staff of teachers that will train international level trainers.

On behalf of the ServiProtenis team we welcome.