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Train children is not easy one of the reasons is because in many cases are not the ones who choose to go to class or court.

The mind of a child is simple looking for fun and have no rules, as coaches we have to find the balance between fun and discipline we will give you 10 tips for making a fun and successful training for the player.

1 Imagination:

Forget that you are in a tennis court and you’re an adult. Forget that the court has lines and set different scenarios such as a lake, a beach, a castle. Use their favourite games, superheroes, animals that can motive them be fast like Superman , be agile like a dancer, be ready like a lion hunting etc. ..

2 Joking:

Punning with their names swap kid’s names around … or use funny names as  blindboy or Blindgirl when this misshit a ball…

Or exaggerate situations in case they hit a very strong ball tell them, to be careful with birds , or trees …

3 Conditions:

Always good to have a deal with a reward at the end, the task of accomplishing the drill and if they do it right they will get a price with their favourite game, sticker, ice cream, sweets …

4 progressions and regressions:

Trying to adapt the exercises to the child in case these are too easy or too difficult

5 Use gear:

Colored cones, hoops, buckets, large and small balls, tweezers and stickers to reward.


Each child is a world therefor every exercise is not applicable for each child sometimes some exercises will not work equally well, depending on the group and the level of the children will have to adapt and improvise to get out than usual something that they won’t expect something like changing the rules of the games to make them more interesting and fun baseballtennis, volleyballtennis, soccertennis ..

8 Listen:

Listen to what children have to say, you can get information to know what motivates them what they like. Use that information to attract the attention of the child or children.

9 Enjoy:

Participate in games with the kids and be part them, be part of a game will help you be in their situation and forget you are working but also to enjoy your own class.

10 Evolution :

Make sure the end of each class the children have learned something also ask them what they have learned . Remember what you taught every week so you can make something different and new for the kids every session  and do not fall into a boring routine.

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