As some of you know our tennis teaching programs are sold to the Asian market, some days ago one of  this  companies that are preparing a promotional campaign called me  to ask  me because I thought myself that in a market saturated with clonic offers by tennis schools , tennis academies and tennis trainers  our programs are one of the best options what a player can have to improve his tennis, these are some of the reasons why I think our programs are one of the best options to help to any player with real desire to improve:

  • Because from the first session that a player attends have the level they have and in any of the programs we offer, was marked a before and after in his experience as a player,very rarely does a tennis teaching or tennis training program offer a contens so clear, so logical, so practic, what makes the player know has to do from minute one to improve his game, this represents fast learning process or evolution immediate, this is the result of more than 40 years on the tennis court like a player and more than 30 years teaching, learning from the best players, coaches and tennis schools in the world.


  • Because we have in Valencia a unique collaborators interdiciplinary group,within which we have physical trainers, one of them with 3 tennis number 1 , a specialist in biomechanics and motor training, a personal trainer, a traumatologist, a clinic to make complete assessments of physical performance, a racket and stringer specialist and agreements with Spanish universities to study or measure sports performance.


  • For the infrastructure we have: Access to the best valencia tennis clubs with all kinds of surfaces, with the most modern gyms of the city, we have agreements of collaboration with the most important academies of tennis in Valencia surroundings which allows our players of the Talento Kids, or Valencia Tennis tour programs share trainings with the promises of tennis that train in Valencia and then we have a accommodatio varied offer


  • Because we have created a  professionals team who are passionate about tennis and sport, we believe that tennis can be teaching from a different pespective, looking for a new way more effective, more efficient,where the empirical foundation of tennis court experience is fused with the scientific foundation.


  • Because tennis has not stopped evolving and we are already working on the contents of the future, so we have created with Luis Espi the European institute for tennis development to investigate for example the evolution of the tennis stroke gesture that comes in the next years or in the implementation didactic aids for some of the most important raquets manufacturers in the world.